The History of Bail Bonds in New Haven

by | Oct 16, 2013 | Bail Bonds

Did you know that the practice of putting up your property or some money in exchange for being temporarily released from jail is something that has been around since the thirteenth century? While it is true that the practice of Bail Bonds in New Haven is one that started in the United States, it actually originated from a very similar practice that occurred in England. The only real changes or alterations to the laws associated with Bail Bonds in New Haven is making sure that the bail amount that is set in place by the judge is fair in relation to the seriousness of the offense that was committed. Click here for more info

The purpose of Bail Bonds in New Haven is to make sure that offenders, regardless of how financially stable or unstable they are, have a fair opportunity to secure their temporary release from jail. Before this practice was set in place, those who were rich enough to post bail would get out of jail; and those who did not have enough money ended up having to sit in jail. This practice was put in place because the government felt that it was not fair for one person to have to sit in jail because they did not have a lot of money while another person could just walk away because they were more fortunate in life.

AffordaBail is the name of a bail bond company that has been helping offenders restore their freedom from prison with the help of a bail bond for more than 14 years. Arguably the best part of this bail bond company is the fact that they have agents standing by to help offenders facilitate their releases from prison 24 hours a day, every day of the week. Whether you are trying to get a bail bond for yourself or you are trying to get a bail bond for a loved one, this company is always happy to help. This company takes pride in helping you or your loved one arrange affordable Bail Bonds in New Haven that can get you out of jail, so you can be back home where you belong. Typically, the paperwork processing to initiate you or your loved one’s release from prison will only take minutes to complete.

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