The Hidden Benefits Of Yoga

Yoga is a well-known form of exercise around the world, but it has a lot more benefits than just making you flexible and reducing stress. If you are planning on paying a visit to a yoga studio in Chicago, you can expect to experience the following benefits after a few weeks of practice. These benefits help your life in many different areas, from the bedroom, the office and the kitchen, all the way to your posture as you walk down the street, heading to the yoga studio in Chicago.

Boosted Immune System

A recent study in Norway found that yoga results in gene expression that boost immunity all the way down to the cellular level. The change doesn’t take long, researchers found that this boost to immunity started while the people were still sitting on the yoga mat, they found that immunity in yoga practitioners was much higher when compared to a control group who went for a hike in nature while listening to soothing music. Yoga is great for all around body health, so it comes as no surprise that the immune system will be in better shape, as yoga can increase health and all the bodily function of major organs.

Help With Migraines

It has been discovered that people who suffer from severe migraines seem to show a reduction in the amount and severity of a migraine after three months of doing yoga. The exact cause of migraines has not yet been discovered, researchers seem to think that mental stress and misalignment of the body could be a cause. Modern life tends to have us hunching over a smartphone or computer for long hours, leading to neck and back pains that can lead to headaches. Yoga is proven to reduce muscle pains and promote a better posture, so it makes sense that it can reduce the severity of a migraine.

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