The Enticing Flavors of Tatiana Cigars

If you enjoy a great cigar, you know what a welcome change of pace a fine flavored smoke can be, and if you check with local and online smoke shops, you’ll soon discover many good things about Tatiana cigars. These aromatic smokes are becoming one of the more popular selections and for good reason. Here are some of the fantastic experiences you will enjoy.

Tatiana Classic Cherry

If you ever smoked fine cherry pipe tobacco, you’ll understand how great it can be. The cherry flavor in Tatiana cigars is like biting into a sweet ripe cherry, and the aroma stimulates the senses. You’ll enjoy a sweetness and at the same time, an aromatic experience which is difficult to put into words.

Classic Chocolate

Have you ever craved chocolate and couldn’t get enough? This happens to most people some of the time, and there is a reason. Chocolate stimulates the feel good hormones in the brain and brings about a soothing and wonderful sensation. However, this sensation is not without guilt, as eating chocolate can pack on the calories in a hurry. Yet, there is no reason to forgo such exquisite pleasures as indulging in chocolate. Tatiana cigars with chocolate flavor can provide the great feel of chocolate without the guilt of overindulgence.

Don’t get in a hurry when you light up a Tatiana Classic Chocolate cigar. Hold the cigar under your nose for a few moments and relax. After cutting the end, place the cigar in your mouth and refrain from lighting it for a minute or so. Take a dry puff and feel the sensation of chocolate.

Remove the cigar from your mouth and light the end. Now place it in your mouth and finish lighting. Take the first puff, hold it for a few seconds, and then release it. Now shut your eyes and enjoy the good things about chocolate. This is one of life’s great pleasures which won’t affect your waistline.


Who doesn’t appreciate a fine cognac every now and then? Yet, there may be times in which you cannot indulge in any kind of alcoholic beverage. But fear not cigar lovers, Tatiana cigars makes an extraordinary cognac tasting smoke. Now you can enjoy the taste and feeling which only a fine cigar accompanied by cognac can bring, and you can drive home without any problems.

With so many fine flavors in which to choose, the only problem may be deciding on which Tatiana cigars to buy. Yet, this is no problem, because your online cigar shop sells these fine cigars in singles and tins of 10.

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