The Benefits of a Water Descaler for Home Use

Lime scale deposits on bath and kitchen faucets, sinks and fixtures, ultimately leads to corrosion and galvanization. Higher utility costs associated with lime scale deposits blocking water flow to appliances and heating equipment is a common result. Lime scale is also a breeding ground for bacteria.

By mitigating lime scale from a home water system harmful bacteria that would otherwise pose infection, is eliminated. The culpable source of higher utility bills, appliances using water such as dishwashers, washing machines, and water heaters become inefficient in response to too slow a flow from pipes. For remediation, most plumbers recommend a water descaler for home use.

Why a Water Descaling System?

To avoid costly replacement of plumbing equipment and interior features, a water descaler for home is one of the best investments a home owner can make. If there is evidence of lime scale accumulation in your water system, replacement of plumbing pipes and expensive appliances may be next. Instead of using conventional water softener system solutions which require additional expense for maintenance in the form of chemicals and salts, an electronic water descaler for home is the solution.

Electronic descaling systems generate an electro-magnetic charge that counters ionization of minerals in water. Wave frequencies induce a conversion of mineral ions, so that they only adhere to water rather than other minerals or surfaces. The result is the remediation of hard water. Eco-friendly, less expensive, and low maintenance once installed, electronic descaling systems can be deployed in copper, CPVC, PEX, and PVC pipes.

Residential Electronic Water Descaling Systems

Indices on residential areas show that poor conditions registering on a continuum reporting moderate to very hard water condition. In hard water areas, one of the most challenging problems faced by property owners is the effects of lime scale deposits in the water supply. Lime scale in water can lead to costly repair and replacement of home plumbing systems and appliances damaged before the end of product lifecycle.

Computerized, electronic descaling systems are water remediation technologies designed and engineered to alter water conditions in a home. Selection of an electronic water descaling system will depend on the conditions of tap water supplied to a residential building.

Low and mid-range descaling units generate enough power in electro-magnetic charge to manage the conversion process in the water supply of a small to large home in a moderate to very hard water area registering 19 gpg. Economy products are generally only designed for indoor installation, while mid-range units may be engineered for outdoor installation as well. If a building is experiencing a very hard water supply, a premium model product servicing areas registering over 20 gpg is recommended.

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