The Appeal Of Embroidery T Shirts

If you have ordered a T shirt before, you may be aware that there are two basic methods for decorating them. These are screen printing and embroidery. While other methods do exist, these are the two you will find offered more than any others. Of these two, embroidery holds a special niche. This is particularly true for embroidery T shirts.

What Is Embroidery?

Embroidery is considered to be one of the oldest methods through which fabric has been decorated. Throughout the centuries, embroidery has been both a skill and an art that has created very fine examples of practical and artistic pieces of material, including altar cloths and clothing. It involves the use of a needle and thread to create a pattern or design on cloth or other types of fabric. In modern terms, it mainly refers to the decorating of fabric using a sewing machine.

The technique has been applied to everything, from designer clothing to golf shirts and hats. Embroidery T shirts are also another possibility if you want to make a clear and classic statement. In fact, many individuals prefer this method of design over all others.

Types of T-Shirt Embroidery

There are two basic types of embroidery utilized for embroidery T shirts. These are:

1. Direct embroidery: This involves the direct sewing or embroidering of the design or logo directly onto the designated fabric. It becomes an integral component of the item, whether it’s a designer tote bag or T shirt.
2. Indirect embroidery: This is the attaching of a patch or any other item upon which a design or logo has been embroidered to the T-shirt, tote bag etc.

Why Choose Embroidery T Shirts?

People select embroidery T shirts over other types for several reasons. In general, embroidery is considered a nicer and classier way to present a design. Overall, many companies prefer to have their logo embroidered T shirts done for a team or special event because:

* It provides the t shirt with a 3D look making the logo stand out
* Embroidery thread is coated. This grants it a sheen that makes the colors utilized in a logo pop out
* The logos of embroidery T shirts have a look that is precise
* The resultant work appears as being very professional
* Embroidery work is very durable

Deciding to purchase embroidery T shirts may favorably display your company’s logo or design. Embroidered work appears professional and classy. In fact, there is only one ascertained drawback to many who want to purchase work using this technique. It is the cost. Embroidery T shirts are more expensive than their screen printed Embroidered staff, and it’s easy to design in the Lab to personalize shirts with names, numbers, logos and art.

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