The Advantages of Oil Coolers in Illinois

Oil Coolers in Illinois are used to help keep large engines from overheating. Buses, semi trucks, motor coaches, and industrial equipment radiators use the oil, already operating in the engine as a lubricant, to remove surplus heat from the engine. Because oil is already moving through the components of the engine, there is no need to add extra tanks or systems, such as water coolers, to keep the engine running cool. Coolers are can be made of aluminum, copper, or steel, and are durable. If operators are unsure of which is the best material of cooler for their needs, technicians can make recommendations and help them make the right decision.

Oil has a higher boiling point than water, so it is a more efficient coolant for a big engine. It also acts as an electrical insulator, which mean the engine components will not be susceptible to corrosion, like they are when water is used as a coolant. Water may be more readily available in an emergency situation, but it also evaporates, unlike oil. Oil can break down after several thousand miles, so it is important to change the oil and oil filter more frequently when it is used as a coolant. People can read the full info here regarding advantages, maintenance requirements, and the type and size of system to have installed into the vehicle or machinery.

An experienced company can provide repairs, new installations, and custom fabrication for Oil Coolers in Illinois. Emergency field services are also available. Free estimates and free visual inspections of coolers are offered. In addition to oil coolers, charge air coolers, coolant tubes, and air conditioning condensers are also available for installation or fabrication. Technicians have experience making repairs on all models and manufacturers. Fleet maintenance is also offered to help keep vehicles operating efficiently, and reduce down time. Major repairs, unexpected replacements, or issues in the field can cost a business a lot of time and money, so maintenance is well worth the time and expense. Look into services provided, and discuss pricing for maintenance to ensure that vehicles and machinery remains profitable for the business.

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