Sit Back and Relax with a Signature Beer

After a long day or week of work, the only thing that sounds good is sitting back and relaxing with an ice cold adult refreshment. The question, of course, is always what to have. When heading to the bar, there is huge selection liquors, wines, and beers. By visiting, there is a vast selection of Signature Beer options displayed for this specific venue. Many beers made are available in draft or bottles. Some places even serve their beer from a can. Be sure to ask the bartender or server what the options are before placing an order, so there are no surprises when the drink arrives.

Signature Beer is generally a brew that is made especially for a feature at a specific location. It can also be served at several locations. However, it is the beer that bar advertises to customers looking to try something different. Some beers include ales, IPAs, and lagers. If beer is not an area of familiarity, knowledgeable servers can give a description of what to expect for a flavour. Some can be described as dark or light. Dark beers are more heavy and filling. Lighter beers contain more water and can be described as having less of a filling factor. Examples of light beer include Bud Light, Michelob Light, or Miller Light. Heavy or dark beers include brands like Guinness, some Leinenkugel’s, and Brooklyn Lager.

When heading out on the town for a night of fun and entertainment with friends, ask the server about small sample beers. These can come in a variety sizes and styles. Some places refer to their samples as bombers. This method of serving allows for the customer to try smaller serving sizes of several beers all at one time. Beer sampling is a great way to spend time with friends while out at the bar. At many bars and restaurants like Slider’s Grill & Bar, there is also a menu for dining available. Guests can sample some beer and then fill up on their favourite food items. Along with food and drinks, the big game can be observed by watching one of the over-sized screens.

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