Seeking a Divorce Lawyer in Port Orchard Wa?

Many a wedding that launched a thousand promises and hopes has resulted in a marriage that’s run onto the rocks. Of course, there are plenty of couples who should never have tied the knot in the first place. Too many marriages are ill-considered affairs in which neither partner really thought out what a marriage entails, how much work it would actually be to sustain a relationship over the long haul. And there are those unions which were foredoomed because one partner never understood the idea of commitment or never truly intended to commit wholly to the marriage. Some marriages started out fine, but one circumstance or another changed everything and the union began to deteriorate from that point onward. That’s when it comes time to call for the services of a good Divorce Lawyer in Port Orchard Wa to solve the problem.

For whatever reason a marriage falls apart, legal action is needed to bring about its end in the quickest and least painful manner possible. Despite what’s been depicted in too many movies and TV shows, lawyers aren’t really out to take either partner “to the cleaners”. Attorneys try to bring about a fair and equitable settlement for the parties involved. Sometimes, where family hostility has arisen, this is not possible and the lawyers have to assist in the filing of protective orders and temporary custody procedures if children are involved, as well as structuring living arrangements to keep the parties separated if the conflict between partners is especially bitter or may result in violence.

But where reason and maturity can prevail, divorce lawyers will try to act in concert in a new procedure introduced in the State of Washington known as collaborative law. Instead of the usual type of litigation or a full-blown trial, the representing counsel and their clients come together for a mediation process, in which the two sides work together as a team to settle all issues between them in cooperation with one another rather than conflict. Much like a peace negotiation, the collaborative law approach allows the two sides to resolve their dispute with open communication and honest exchange, without the need for a judge to make rulings and final decisions.

For whatever legal procedure is required to terminate a marriage, always secure the services of a good Divorce Lawyer in Port Orchard Wa to make the process as smooth and painless as possible.

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