Scrim Reinforced Products

Scrims are an excellent means of providing products with an extra level or layer of protection. Scrim reinforced products are commonplace. Today, applications of this material are wide ranging. In fact, depending upon the method of production and the addition of specific resins and other materials, scrims can find applications in everything from building materials to diapers to waterproof membranes for tailing ponds.

Scrim and Nonwovens

Our world has many non-woven and human-manufactured products. To ensure the products have a longer life, something is required to make them more durable. The scrim is the product often employed to fulfill this function. The technique is not a complex one. The layer of scrim is placed between one or more layers of the non-woven material. Bonding occurs after the placement. The result is a product that has improved stiffness and stability.

This material can be used for wiping cloths, baby diapers and cleaning cloths of various types.

Packaging Material

Scrim also acts to reinforce the material utilized in packaging material. Scrim lies between two or more sheets or layers of paper. The product becomes an envelope. It also can be made into a sack or paper bag. The result is more durable, particularly more resistant to tearing, than paper alone.

Plastic Film Applications

Scrims are employed to reinforce plastic films during production. This results in increased resistance to the issues caused by mechanical stress. The improved final product utilizing scrims finds its way into a variety of applications. These include the coverings for the following common items:

  • Containment Ponds
  • Greenhouses
  • Pools
  • Large building or construction sites
  • Waste Lagoon

The popularity of scrims in such cases is the result of its ability to greatly magnify the original product’s tear and tensile strength. What makes it particularly attractive for an outdoor application is its ability to help the products maintain such qualities even during inclement weather.

Advantages of Scrim Reinforced Products

Reinforcement through scrim can improve the property of many products. Whether textured or smooth, colored or plain, as a bottom or middle layer, scrim offers users several advantages. It

  • Is available in bulk
  • Comes in various thicknesses
  • Is waterproof
  • Is extremely strong
  • Possesses high tear resistance
  • Is chemically resistant
  • Has outstanding elongation properties
  • Fire retardant

Of course, one of the more popular reasons for applying scrim on and in products is affordability. Few can deny its versatility and ability to provide basic and common products with improved tensile strength and durability. Overall, scrim reinforced products are one way to ensure a company retains its image as a producer of durable, safe and high-quality items.

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