Reasons To Learn CPR

The biggest reason to learn CPR, as most people already know, is that you could save someone’s life regardless of where you are. Be it a family member or a stranger at the gym, you never know when the skills that you learn in a CPR class will be put to good use. You may be curious to know some of the other benefits that come with learning CPR techniques. Here are some important facts that will help you understand the importance of CPR training in our daily lives.

CPR Facts
Most people are unaware that only about 6% of victims who experience cardiac arrest survive because the people who witness the incident do not know how to perform basic CPR techniques. This contributes to the hefty number of 200,000 people who die of cardiac arrest every single year. 25% of these deaths could be prevented if the people who witnessed the event knew how to perform CPR. This is an astonishing number that should make you want to learn CPR right away.

If you perform CPR on someone who needs it within the first four minutes, you increase the person’s chances of survival. By the end of your class you will be smarter and ready to save the lives of others. When someone is experiencing a heart attack, you will feel confident enough to perform CPR and keep them breathing long enough until the paramedics arrive. 80% of all heart attacks happen at home so you could save the life of someone you love.

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