Reasons to Hire a Disability Lawyer

If you have recently become disabled and are unable to work to support yourself, then Social Security disability benefits may be the financial answer that you are looking for. The Social Security Administration provides help for those people who are qualified and show that they meet the criteria of being disabled. This requires the filing of many forms and medical reports, employment records, and much more. It is highly recommended that you hire a disability attorney to help you successfully complete the process. Here are some of the reasons why.

Most Applications Are Denied

From the years 2001-2010 more than 50% of disability applications were denied according to the SSA. Only 28% of the individuals who applied were approved the first time around. About 13% of the people who applied received their benefits after they requested an appeals hearing. Having an attorney to support your claim and help you through the process, significantly improves your chances of being approved the first time around.

Most of the applications that are denied are denied for technical reasons. Over 30% of the individuals who were denied were denied not because of their disability or condition, but were rejected due to technical errors made during the application process.

Social Security Attorneys Are Effective

Many tasks are easier after you have done them before. A social security attorney typically has handled tens if not hundreds of cases regarding Social Security benefits. They understand the entire process and how to handle appeals. They already have good working relationships with agency employees and already know what is needs to be done in order for the outcome to be successful.

If you are looking for experienced disability lawyers in New York, then Law Office of Attorney Daniel Berger help. It is important not to face these situations on your own.

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