Presentation Box: Staging Everything With Style

Creating a beautiful piece of work is not enough. If you plan to place it in your store, it needs to be shown off properly. This is true of every single piece that is on your premises. You need to stage the items. They need to be placed within a presentation box.

What Is a Presentation Box?

While a few definitions may exist, essentially you may consider a presentation box to reflect its name. As the name indicates, it is a specific type of box designed to contain a specific type of product – in this case an item of jewelry. Its intent is to show off the item in its best light, therefore improving its ability to impress customers.

Purpose of a Presentation Boxes

A presentation box says a lot about not merely who produced it, but also about who is using it. As noted above presentation boxes play two roles:

* To present the piece of jewelry in an attractive manner to potential purchasers
* To set off the item to its recipient and enhance its perceived value

A manager wants to impress upon a client the beauty and worth of a ring or other item of jewelry. A customer wants to excite and impress the recipient of the gift. Both will look to the right type of presentation boxes to imbue the item with this characteristic. As a result, the exact purpose will affect the style, size, material, shade and shape of the presentation box.

Why Use A Presentation Box?

Unlike cereals, candy and many other consumer items, jewelry does not come wrapped up tightly or contained in a box, jar or other, sometimes opaque container. People do not ask to see the cereal outside its box. Jewelry managers tend not to toss items into bins or pile them in straight orderly rows on a shelf. In retail jewelry stores, the product must be arranged to catch the eye and the client must be able to look at a specific item and try it on.

While clothing retailers help to sell their product through stylistic dummies in their stores, and cereals and other food products rely on colorful boxes, jewelry needs to rely on display cases and presentation boxes. An appropriately styles or designed presentation box is one means through which a store can help to bring notice to a specific item. By showcasing it appropriately, he or she can lure more people into the store – particularly if the presentation box sits prominently and quietly – or perhaps dramatically displayed in the window.

Say It with Style – Use a Presentation Box

Presentation boxes serve multiple purposes. They advertise the importance of a gift made to the recipient. They also show off the skills, artisanship and creativity of the jewelers. Yet, to a store manager, the ability to quietly provide a statement to the public about your store is probably one of the most important qualities a presentation box possesses.

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