Preparing Boxes To Be Transported By A Moving Company in West Orange NJ

by | Oct 7, 2016 | Moving

When someone is going to move to a new home or business, they will want to take the time in packaging their personal belongings appropriately so they do not become damaged while inside a moving truck or van. A moving company in West Orange NJ will appreciate the time the moving person took in keeping items contained as it will save workers from unnecessary injury. Here are some steps one can take when packing boxes of their items for a move.

Use New Cardboard Boxes

It is a good idea to purchase new cardboard boxes from a home goods store, a shipping company, or the moving company itself. These will come in a flat form and will need to be assembled. These will be sturdier than reusing older boxes. The corrugation will be intact, providing plenty of stability to keep the box from ripping or tearing when a mover tries picking it up. This will also keep items safe while inside the moving vehicle.

Secure The Boxes Appropriately

Boxes should be taped along each seam to ensure the contents inside stay inside. It is best to purchase heavy-duty tape for packing purposes. Do not place one flap under another to secure a box closed. This could easily open up when the box is moved. Instead, push the edges of each of the flaps toward each other and use the tape to keep them in place.

Label Containers To Help Movers

Label boxes with the rooms they are to be placed in when they get to the new property. These labels should be written in large, dark lettering so movers are sure to see them. If a breakable or heavy item is inside of a box, it can be indicated on the labeling so the mover will know to be extra careful when carrying and placing the box.

If someone needs to hire a Moving Company in West Orange NJ, they will want to find one know for their professionalism and competitive pricing. Contact us to find out more about the services provided as well as get an estimate if desired.

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