OTC Choices for ADD and ADHD

OTC—Over the counter—drugs are usually sold because their dose amount is safer to distribute as a product than those which are prescribed by a doctor. For instance, if you have a bad back you might buy Aleve or Ibuprofen over the counter. However, if your back pain is caused by something like a slipped disk your doctor might prescribe a solution such as Percocet because of its strength and ability to offer a higher level of pain relief. Also, a doctor would need to assess your condition to justify that you actually need that level of pain relief. With over the counter medicine for conditions like colds, flu and pain the levels of ingredients for each individual pill is lower and safer than those you would get from a doctor.

For conditions that need regulating or managing on a more consistent basis, such as ADD, ADHD or anxiety a doctor will generally assess the severity of the condition and prescribe the appropriate dosage to suit your symptoms. Because ADD and ADHD are conditions that cause anxiety, jitters, difficulty focusing and short attention spans, they need to be treated with stimulants that do not over-stimulate the body and mind. They are created in order to level the chemical output of the brain and regulate the attention span and calm the nerves.

OTC Options for Choosing a Medicine to Regulate ADD and ADHD

Because OTC Adderall is not available you will need to look for similar products that have a more healthy effect on the body. Adderall is a prescribed drug but there are herbal alternatives that offer a high level of certain vitamins, such as B12. ADD and ADHD are often associated with certain dietary behaviors whereby there are too many sugar loaded drinks, not even fruits and vegetables and a high content of processed food. Because these foods and drinks do not contain the right amounts of nutrition the body reacts with certain symptoms and the condition can cause anxiety, tremors, lack of concentration and lack of focus. If you prefer to avoid taking the medicine route you can being by eating the right balance of fibers, carbohydrates and energy boosting foods and drinks. Sleeping comfortably is also excellent for the body as well as using the proper herbal and vitamin supplements to boost your natural energy levels.

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