No Appointments Necessary For Emergency Child Medical Care In San Antonio, Texas

When a child needs Emergency Child Medical Care in San Antonio Texas, there are two choices. The child can be taken to the emergency room; this means settling in for a long wait in a crowded waiting room with a cranky child. Sometimes there’s no alternative; if the child is desperately ill, unconscious or may need surgery, the emergency room has the facilities and equipment that could be needed.

For many childhood illnesses or accidents, children need medical care, but don’t necessarily need to be rushed to an emergency room. A walk-in pediatric clinic functions for many families in much the same way as a pediatrician. Children can receive their vaccines and well-visits, get their physicals for school or sports and receive minor emergency care.

Some common childhood emergencies that can usually be treated by a pediatric walk-in clinic are listed below.

Respiratory infections: This is one of the most common reasons for taking a child to the doctor.

Bitten by another child: If the skin is broken, take the child to a pediatrician. The human mouth contains a lot of nasty bacteria that can cause serious infections. For this reason, the doctor will probably give the child an oral antibiotic.

Stung by a bee: If the child is allergic to bee or wasp stings, the child will normally show symptoms shortly, possibly in a few minutes. If the child is allergic and has an EpiPen, use it and head to an ER or walk-in clinic. If the child shows no symptoms, remove the stinger with tweezers or fingers, apply a cold compress and calamine lotion. On occasion, symptoms may take an hour or more to appear, so it would be wise to take the child to the doctor.

Hives: Hives are red welts that appear, last for a while, disappear and come back in a different spot. They are believed to be an allergic reaction, but to what may never be known. Topical creams don’t usually help. An oral antihistamine may be prescribed.

A big bump on the head from a fall: If the child is unconscious, call an ambulance. If the child is screaming, head for the pediatric walk-in clinic. Any head trauma, especially to an infant, should be examined by a doctor.

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