Mistakes to Avoid During HVAC Services in Slaton TX

Despite what many have heard, all HVAC equipment isn’t the same. When a homeowner considers buying a new system, they shouldn’t make the decision lightly, as the choice can affect the system’s lifespan and the owner’s finances. According to Energy Star, over half of all systems installed in homes don’t meet manufacturers’ efficiency claims because of poor installation. Below are some mistakes for companies and customers to avoid during HVAC Services in Slaton TX.

Installing a Unit That’s Too Big

It’s important to ensure that the new unit is the right size for the home. However, some homeowners receive inaccurate advice, and they end up with HVAC systems that disappoint. When a too-large unit is installed, higher utility bills, mold growth, poor airflow and inexpensive repairs are often the result. Before contemplating a new system, homeowners should get all the facts. The contractor should offer an estimate and they should measure your home for proper sizing.

While some installers will just replace the current unit with one of similar size, this can result in future problems. A too-large unit will cool and heat the home, but it will cycle rapidly, offsetting any energy savings. However, a unit that’s too small will work too hard and wear out prematurely. When assessing the home before installation, the technician with Duncan will do an inspection for proper insulation and ventilation, considering the square footage to be cooled.

Incorrect Positioning

Next to sizing, placement is the most important factor in AC efficiency. A home’s AC unit could be the correct size, but if it’s in the sun most of the time, it will be overworked and it’ll wear out too early. For optimum performance and efficiency, ask the contractor to install the unit in a shaded, cool area that won’t overheat the system. The unit needs plenty of breathing room; when it’s installed, ensure that there’s at least a three-foot clearance around the outdoor pump. By paying attention to placement, future servicing will go more smoothly.

When the Customer Chooses the Wrong Installer

When HVAC Services in Slaton TX are done incorrectly, the results are usually obvious. When the customer receives the bill and compares it with what they’ve received, they may realize that they’ve made a hiring mistake, and such errors can be costly and dangerous. It’s good to shop around when looking for an AC installer, and homeowners shouldn’t be afraid to ask for a second opinion.

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