Let A Superior Roofing Contractor Beautify That Aging Home

Beautifying the home can be handled in many ways, but changes to the exterior often provide the most bang for the buck. For example, the application of new siding can remove years from the way the building looks, and a Roofing Contractor can install a new roof covering that could make the property look decades younger. One thing to think about when making such changes is the type of materials to use. Consider the replacement roof. The use of a budget-grade, asphalt shingle may look great at first, but once the product begins to age it may seem like wasted money.

One possibility is the use of steel roofing materials. Stamped steel roofing comes in a variety of styles including simulated Mediterranean tiles, wood shake, or standard asphalt shingles. One reason to consider this option is that it may be possible to install the steel roof over an existing structure. However, this requires an expert Roofing Contractor and a roof that is still functional. A damaged roof may not provide the proper support and one reason for this is the need to secure battens in order to anchor the steel.

Resurfacing the roof will always improve appearance, and this includes the use of asphalt products. For instance, the use of laminate shingles can provide a unique roof because this product uses random shapes on the tabs. This reduces the uniform look that regular shingle products tend to have. Plus, laminates provide a more durable roofing solutions than the typical shingle.Another possibility for a great looking roof is the use of composites that are designed to simulate slate roofing. Slate has been in use for centuries, but this type of roof requires a lot of structural support. Simulating slate can be tough, but certain manufacturers have managed to create asphalt solutions that handle the job extremely well.

Composite roofing solutions tend to be extra thick with one or more layers of shingle over the top of them. Plus, these materials have custom edges that create unique shadows. The combination of thick shingles and deep shadows gives the appearance of slate. Contact the professionals at C & R Home Improvements Inc. to learn more. You can also watch video on Youtube channel.

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