Lawyers Des Moines: When Should You Consider Hiring a DUI Attorney?

by | May 31, 2013 | Lawyers

By virtue of being on this page, odds are that you are looking for experienced Lawyers Des Moines to represent you in a DUI case. The services of a DWI attorney are crucial when it comes to issues such as arraignments, obtaining a duplicate of the police report, understanding the results of the field sobriety tests as well as chemical tests in addition to entering a plea.

Devoid of the services of Lawyers Des Moines you may not only lose your driver’s license, but incur huge monetary fines and even spend some time in jail. Consequently, do not delay the decision to hire an experienced DUI attorney the instant you have been informed that you are being charged for drunken driving.

Seek the Opinion of an Attorney Regarding Your Case

One of the things that your attorney will do soon after being assigned your case is assessing the strong and weak points. Thereafter, your attorney will formulate a winning strategy based on the outcome of his assessment. Legal counsel is extremely important especially if there are injuries, fatalities and damage to property. This is because if there is somebody who was injured or killed, or if there are properties that were damaged, then the DUI charge automatically turns to a felony.

Enter a No Guilty or No Contest Plea

If you haven’t enlisted the services of a DUI attorney by the time you are being arraigned in court, enter a no guilty or no contest plea and wait for your attorney to arrive. The greatest mistake you can make is trying to cut a deal with the prosecution attorney. Note that, the instant you have entered a guilty plea, it shows that you are conscious of the charges facing you and as such are ready to deal with the consequences.

When Should You Hire a DUI Attorney?

You need to consider hiring Lawyers Des Moines soon after being charged with a drunken driving charge if:

– The chemical test reveals that you have high blood alcohol content. If your BAC is more than 0.08 or has exceeded 0.11, you need to hire an attorney since you are more likely to be convicted for DUI.

– There is indisputable evidence that you are drunk. If there are witnesses who can testify to the fact that you were driving in a manner that suggests you were drunk, then you are likely to be prosecuted for DWI.


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