Keep Your Transmissions in St. Louis Functioning Properly With Quality Maintenance and Fresh Fluid

by | Oct 7, 2013 | Automotive

Have you noticed that your car no longer has the power it once did or that it doesn’t feel like it’s pulling itself down the road the way it used to? Have you heard strange noises coming from underneath your car or seen signs of dark reddish fluid leaking? If so, then these could be indications of a transmission problem which you should have checked as soon as possible. Automatic transmissions are some of the most complex components on an automobile with hundreds of moving parts and seals which will wear down and leak. Keeping these devices in top running condition is the purview of well trained mechanics at companies like Certified Transmission & Auto Repair.

Repairing transmission in ST. Louis is a difficult job. For one thing there are many different types of transmissions available. For another, transmissions can fail for different reasons. For example, if the torque converter fails then the transmission isn’t getting enough raw power from the engine and can’t build up enough internal pressure to function properly. If the seals begin to fail the system will lose fluid and the pressure can become intermittent which could cause the internal parts to slip and wear unevenly.

Some transmission in ST. Louis only need simple repairs. For example, many problems can be avoided by keeping the transmission clean and the fluid fresh. Flushing the transmission solves the cleaning portion and ensures the transmission’s internal channels are free of gunk that could clog them. During the cleaning process the mechanic will clean the internal filter then fill the transmission with fresh fluid.

If you own the vehicle long enough you will eventually need transmission service of some type. It’s hard to predict how long a transmission will last, but some have survived two or three hundred thousand miles when properly maintained. However, when it comes time to replace or rebuild your transmission you will need to decide whether you wish to spend the extra cost for a factory rebuilt transmission or have the local mechanic rebuild the one currently in your car. In most cases there is little difference because the locally rebuilt transmission will use the same internal parts as one sent to the factory.

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