Is A Car Accident Attorney Really Required?

The aftermath of a car accident always brings forth far more questions than it does answers. The parties involved in the accident are anxious to know who was at fault; they are also concerned about who will pay all the medical bills and repair or replace their car. There is even the question of who will pay for a rental car while the damages are being attended to. These are only a few of the questions that a Chicago car accident attorney can help answer and the attorney, based on past exposure knows exactly how to deal with notoriously difficult insurance companies that do not want to pay if they can avoid it. As most attorneys who deal with tort law work on a contingency basis, which means they get their fee once they are successful in getting you a reasonable settlement, it makes a great deal of sense to hire one rather than attempt to handle these difficult issues unaided.

Your attorney knows the law:

The moment you hire an attorney after you have been involved in a car accident you immediately have a knowledgeable professional working with you. An attorney has in depth knowledge of the law and the procedural rules that can have an impact on your situation.

A Chicago car accident attorney knows how long you have to file suit if necessary. In all accident cases there is a statute of limitations in effect, in the event this is missed you will be barred from taking the case to court. Although different jurisdictions have slightly different rules the time period is usually two years.

Attorneys deal with car accident cases frequently; as a result they know the best ways to handle any defense that might be brought forward by the defendant. In the event the case does go to court the attorney is intimate with all the rules of court and the procedures that are demanded.

Your attorney does the legwork:

Dealing with a car accident is not a simple matter; there is a lot to do when negotiating with the insurers and their team of lawyers as well as preparing for trial in the event the case cannot be settled out of court. These tasks are time consuming and difficult, they are not something that a layperson wants to take on even if they could.

The best thing about having a Chicago car accident attorney by your side is that you have an advocate that will for your benefit alone, championing the case in the court if necessary to make sure you are not denied your rightful compensation.

You should never attempt to handle possible litigation without an attorney. If you need a Chicago car accident attorney you are invited to discuss your situation with Shea Law Group’s attorneys.

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