Illumination Control Fixture Whip Simplifies Installation of LED & Fluorescent Lighting Systems

by | Sep 16, 2015 | Electronics and Electrical

The best way to simplify installation of solid-state LED and fluorescent illumination systems is with the Illumination Control Fixture Whip from Engineered Products Company (EPCO). The pre-made, plug-and-play luminaire control fixture whip delivers significant installation labor savings over other wiring methods, including pre-whipped luminaires.

Through LED and fluorescent dimming, luminaire controls further reduce energy usage, offering 60% or more savings in lighting energy and 20% or more in HVAC energy. The UL-listed, five-wire Illumination Control Fixture Whip features conductors for power and/or illumination and multi-way signal illumination communications control conductors that are compliant with 2014 NEC Section 725.136(I)(1). It is Class 1 rated for illumination systems integration operating at 120-277 VAC, and works with all 0-10V luminaire control devices.

Since the Illumination Control Fixture Whip eliminates disruption to the illumination system when installing or removing luminaires, it’s perfect for retrofit applications where the existing line voltage wiring is already in use. It also can be used in a parallel wiring or structured wiring scheme with the junction box as the hub. As an easy-to-install, familiar wire fixture whip, it is less prone to error. In addition to the standard Polycarbonate Snap-In Connector, other connectors for the Illumination Control Fixture Whip may be special ordered.

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