If You’ve Locked Your Access Control Remote In Your Car, Call A St. Louis MO Automobile Locksmith To Help

Here’s a scenario that most people dread happening to them. You’re out grocery shopping, and have spent several hours in the store getting the products you need to buy. You pay at the checkout, and head out the store’s main entrance to the parking lot. As you reach your car, you start to rummage through your pockets for your keys, only to realize they aren’t there. In a panic you frantically look in the car and spot them dangling still from the ignition switch of your vehicle. Checking every door only proves your situation is dire, they’re all locked and you’re stuck outside while you see your Access Control St. Louis MO-354986 key-chain only a few feet way inside the locked car taunting you.

You could resort to drastic measures here, and break a window out to get inside, but that would just result in a huge repair bill later on to fix the damage. Right now, you have only a few limited options that would result in little or no damage to your vehicle in order to regain entry and get your keys back. The most common option in the past, would be to flag down a police officer or visit a gas station for use of their Slimjim device to open your vehicle easily. Unfortunately those devices don’t often work on newer model cars, and most gas stations no longer supply them unless they’ve been in your town for several generations. Most cops don’t carry a Slimjim on them unless they’re specifically out patrolling traffic duty, as it’s not really a common device for their daily gear. This leaves you with calling an Automobile Locksmith St. Louis MO to assist you in retrieving your keys.

An experienced automobile locksmith can make use of several devices to gain access to your vehicle and retrieve your keys and Access Control St. Louis MO-354986 remote. One of the most common they will use, is a small device that they slip through the top of your car’s door by placing a wedge into it, then sliding a small inflatable device between the door and frame to spread them apart without causing damage. They will then slide a long metal hook arm down and either use the end to hook onto the locking peg or use it to hook onto the automatic locks switch, freeing you from your panic and giving you access to your car again.


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