If You Run An Oakland, Californian Business, What Janitorial Arrangements Do You Have In Place?

This question about Oakland janitorial services might sound somewhat trivial but, it is, in fact, quite critical to the success of most commercial endeavors no matter what type or where they are located. Why should this be so? The main reason is that no matter how clean the business’s operations may be, scrap and trash will be generated, dust and dirt will gain ingress, restrooms need to be both cleaned and restocked with amenities, etc. In addition, basic day to day, running maintenance will be needed on items like furnaces, water heaters, air conditioners, etc. It is the cleaners and janitors that provide all these services and more.

Businesses Ignore This At Their Peril

Taking the example of Oakland, janitorial services must be factored in to any business plan. Ignoring this can set up a chain of undesirable and unproductive side effects:-

* lack of cleaning can lead to lack of hygiene and health problems will probably arise
* employees will need more sick leave and many may start leaving to go to work in better conditions
* customers and clients might stop visiting to do business at your place
* dirty conditions can cause equipment breakdown (computers for example do not thrive under dusty conditions)
* products that you produce could become contaminated
* and this list can be easily enlarged.

What’s The Solution?

Obviously, good housekeeping has to be applied and the main question is – “will this come from in-house personnel, or should it be outsourced”? Any businessman who is fully aware of the true cost of hiring direct employees is bound to give serious consideration to outsourcing the business’s need for all types of cleaning services.

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