How Vets Serve The Many Needs Of Your Pet

Your pet is part of your family. Whether you have dog who loves to play ball or a kitty that cuddles with you on the couch, your pets are a very important part of your life. Making sure they stay healthy is a priority for animals, just like people, and understanding all of the options your vet can provide for your loving companion will help them live long and happy lives.

Puppies and Kittens

When they are little, puppies and kittens need a lot of help to keep them properly protected from disease and parasites. Vaccinations need to be given at recommended intervals to be effective, which is typically every two to three weeks for booster shots. Your little one will be checked and treated for any worms too. Some types of worms can be transmissible to humans, so this is a crucial part of the health care plan.

Annual Check Ups

Preventative medicine in the form of annual check-ups will keep you informed on the overall health of your pet. The vet will do a thorough exam and keep accurate records of the current health of your dog or cat and look for any signs of problems. If there is something wrong, it is much better to catch it sooner rather than later. This promotes overall wellness and can help catch small issues before they turn into something much more.

Surgical Procedures

Your vet also performs surgical procedures for the health of your pet. From standard spaying and neutering to removing lumps and gastrointestinal obstructions, they have the equipment and skills to take care of your pet’s surgical needs. Many also have in-house testing equipment to help determine the source of your loving companion’s illness or injury.

Dental Cleaning

The dental health of your cat or dog is important too. A majority of pets over the age of three have some level of gum disease, and a good dental cleaning removes hard plaque that can lead to tooth loss. Good oral hygiene keeps your pet’s mouth healthy and allows them to eat easily and comfortably. Since it is a procedure performed under anesthesia, some tests, like bloodwork, will be performed prior to the cleaning.

Your vet provides a wide variety of services for the health and well-being of your loving animal companion. From protecting your brand new kitten or puppy with important vaccines to surgical and dental needs, your vet will help you to keep the furry member of your family happy and healthy throughout its lifetime. For more information visit You can also connect with them on Facebook for more updates.

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