How To Maintain A BMW

by | Dec 18, 2012 | Automotive

BMW’s are reliable, fast, and luxurious. Keeping your BMW up-to-date with repairs and maintenance can make your car last much longer and keep it running in prime condition. BMW auto repairs in Chicago are readily available to assist you in keeping up with the regular maintenance of your car. Here are some general maintenance tips to keep your BMW up-to-date.

There are some parts of BMW maintenance that you can do yourself. Checking your air filter to make sure it is free of dust and debris can keep your car running efficiently. This can be done by holding the filter up to a light. If it is difficult to see through the air filter, than it is time to replace it. Washing your car is another thing you can do yourself. Keeping the interior and exterior of your car clean can help the car last longer. Salt from the road can easily corrode the exterior of the car and cause rust. Washing your car every couple of weeks (especially if you drive on a daily basis) ensures that your car will look new and will last longer.

BMW auto repairs in Chicago can help you maintain the belts and hoses on your car. These parts should be replaced every couple of years. Maintaining the belts and hoses can eliminate leaks and can save you from future problems such as loose parts and rotting belts. Have your mechanic also check your oil frequently and make sure the color is normal. The color should not be any darker than a dark brown. The oil should be changed every 3,000 miles which is approximately every three months.

It is important to check your breaks on a regular basis to make sure they are working right. If they seem to not be working well or begin to squeal when you brake, make sure you get them replaced. When you visit your mechanic for regular tune-ups, have them check your coolant and transmission fluid. These should be changed out every 36,000 miles. You can do it more frequently if your mechanic finds the fluids are low or dirty. In addition, your windshield wipers should be replaced every six months. Making sure your wipers are replaced can keep the windshield from getting scratched and can increase your visibility in bad weather.

BMW auto repairs in Chicago have any reliable mechanics that can assist you in maintaining your luxury vehicle. If you have questions about the performance of your car, or feel that something needs to be replaced, ask a qualified BMW mechanic your questions and they can help you repair your car.

Contact BMW auto repairs in Chicago today and make sure your BMW is properly maintained and running correctly. Keep your BMW clean and maintained to ensure that it lasts longer by finding BMW auto repairs in Chicago today.


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