How to Know if You Should Rebuild Your Transmission

Running into transmission problems can be stressful, but in many cases, the situation isn’t as dire as you might think. Your issue may turn out to be minor and something that only requires a bit of work. However, if your problem is more severe, it’s a good idea to know what your options might be. Despite what you may have heard, rebuilt transmissions are not a bad thing so long as the rest of the vehicle is in good condition.

Brand New Transmission

In many cases, people tend to believe that anything new is better than anything that is not. When you first purchase your new vehicle, it comes with a transmission that was built in a factory to work perfectly with other components, such as your engine. However, transmissions have tons of parts that move in precise ways while at high speeds. This occurs every time your vehicle changes gear while driving.

New Isn’t Always Better

You may believe that rebuilt transmissions are not as useful as a new transmission, especially when you consider the large expense associated with repairing the part. You may think that having a brand-new transmission in will offer you a long-lasting option that a rebuilt will not. However, there are many reasons not to choose a new transmission.

New versus Rebuilt

In reality, when you think of a new transmission, what you may be envisioning is actually a rebuilt transmission. Most of the transmissions marketed as new are actually rebuilt. While the rebuild may have been done by the manufacturer, it’s still just a rebuilt transmission. You also have no way of knowing how long ago the rebuild was done. If it was many years ago, you might not be getting the newest and most technologically advanced parts. This may lead to falling prey to the same problems present in your failed transmission.

Why Choose Rebuilt

When you have a company rebuilt your transmission, many new and updated parts are added to your current transmission. This might include seals, gaskets, and more. The alignments and gears are kept the same, which means they are customized to work best on your vehicle. A rebuilt is an inexpensive way to get your vehicle running again, without all of the headache.

Rebuilt Transmissions Near You

If you believe your car may need its transmission rebuilt, be sure to get in contact with SOS Transmissions. We offer many services to help and would be happy to determine the best solution for you. If you’d like to learn more, visit us at
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