How to Hire and Awesome Security Company

When it comes to the security of your offices and facilities, you must demand quality service. Most modern security companies will offer on-site and off-site monitoring of your buildings and surrounding areas. Advanced state of the art security systems must be engineered to meet demanding and dynamically evolving environments.

There are a few things you must consider when contracting a company to install, maintain and monitor security systems in your business.

The first thing you must look at when hiring a security contractor is their staff. The people that will install your system must be highly trained and certified. A good security company will have all their personnel licensed and bonded to meet state regulations. The people that will be monitoring your system should have at least a two-year college degree in security systems or two years of comparable military service. All personnel that works with the security company you are considering should have clean background checks and pass drug and alcohol testing. Security companies should offer 24/7 monitoring of multiple systems. These systems should include video monitoring, GPS tracking, medical surveillance and asset control. Using Integrated Systems that can combine these services with biometric controlled access points into your building will help ensure the safety and security of all those that work within your organizations. Top notch security services can also monitor company-owned assets like vehicles and equipment of employees who need to travel.

Companies that can Integrated Systems with Honeywell Security System can also allow you to control and your security with your smartphone. This service helps keep you abreast to everything that happens within your company. You can to access video feeds at any time for day and monitor who are in your building. You can specify which events you wish to be alerted to by email or text message in real time. You will know if a fire breaks out or if an ex-employee snuck back into your building. This system will also give you a summary of security events over a specified period by email. You can even control pan and tilt cameras with your smartphone as well.

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