How To Find Top Businesses Leasing Trucks To Companies In Texas

by | Jul 19, 2016 | Automotive

From the ports in Houston to the beef processing plants in Abilene, Texas is a state that relies on trucking. More and more large companies, including manufacturing, food processing, agricultural services and even delivery and transportation companies are moving from owning fleets leasing vehicles on a permanent basis.

There are now businesses in the state that specializing in leasing trucks to companies. These businesses are very different in their approach to customer service than equipment or vehicle rental companies and that difference will have an impact on the type of services, features and options you can expect.

Specialized Truck Leasing Companies

Most of the top businesses that specialize leasing trucks to companies are not just local companies. Instead, they tend to have a national presence or at least a significant presence in several states.

This allows the leasing company to be able to provide services for their lease drivers out on the road. These companies tend to offer a range of different benefits from emergency rental vehicles to 24-hour roadside assistance, never leaving the customer without the necessary transportation needed.

Selection of Trucks

Many trucking companies in the state of Texas offer more than one type of service. They may have both medium and heavy duty trucks in their leasing line-up. This makes it much easier for the fleet manager or business owner to work with one company for all types of trucks from 18-wheelers to box trucks to dump trucks and flatbeds.

When considering any business in the market of leasing trucks to companies, always ask about their truck makes and models. Some leasing companies only offer newer model, low mileage trucks that are a welcome addition to the fleet. You will also want to ensure that the leasing company can provide the number of trucks you need for the time period you need them.

Focus on Customer Service

Most businesses in Texas expect a level of customer service that is a bit above what you may find in other areas. Leasing companies that recognize that customer service is a big factor in the Lone Star state will be sure to include maintenance, inspections, driver support and even assistance for the company if they are moving from an owned fleet to a leased fleet.

There are some exceptional specialized truck leasing companies out there. Ask around and you will find more businesses than you realize are probably already using their services.

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