How to Create a Memorable Unboxing Experience

The popularity of unboxing videos on the internet is undeniable. A quick YouTube search brings up thousands of videos of people unboxing all sorts of products. Not only that, but The Washington Post recently reported on toys made specifically with the unboxing trend in mind. Creating unique and exciting packaging is a competitive field, but it can be incredibly lucrative for your e-commerce brand, boost your sales, and draw in more customers. So what goes into an unboxing experience worthy of social media?

The Box

Thanks to companies like Express Packaging who create custom made shipping boxes, it’s easy to get the right box made for any product you sell. The box is the most important part, ensuring the safety of your product during shipping and being the first thing your customer sees. Having a boring outer packaging should be avoided– use stickers of your logo, stamps, or decorative tape to make your boxes stand out.

The Filler

Your product should be individually wrapped or contained in a smaller box within your larger package. This is where the real fun of unboxing can begin for your customer. Wrapping your product in tissue paper, putting it into a cloth bag, or wrapping it with custom ribbon or string are just a few of many ideas. You’ll also want to include filler like tissue paper or foil paper in your box, along with any other materials that will help prevent damage during transit.

The Personal Touches

Going along with your packing filler, you want to make your customer feel special and personally touched by your brand. Consider including a personalized thank you or note along with your product, some freebies like stickers of your logo or a piece of candy, and of course don’t forget to include your business card. Coupons are a good way to ensure repeat business.

Building your brand with memorable custom made shipping boxes takes some planning and design skills, but putting effort into an effective visual brand will boost your sales and business exponentially. After all, you might be just one unboxing video away from your wildest dreams of success.

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