How to Blend Masculine and Feminine Design Details

by | Dec 24, 2013 | Real Estate

If you and your partner have recently moved into one of the luxury apartments in San Francisco California area residents dream about, you might discover too late that your design styles are not in tune. If you are frustrated with finding solutions to blend your two styles, here are a few tips to come up with a cohesive, homey design.

Soft and Feminine Details
Feminine details include florals on fabrics, wallpaper and area rugs. It can also be lovely framed artwork featuring botanicals and floral prints. Typical colors include soft pinks, lavenders and peaches with white and cream trim. Furniture tends to be curvy and smaller and accessories reflect the same soft curves in urns, ornate picture frames and mirrors and even ornate details such as fringing on curtains, cushions and upholstered furniture.

Masculine Elements
More masculine touches lean more towards leathers on furniture or neutral upholstered items in browns grays and blacks. Rich burgundies are also often used and furniture tends to be heavier and angular. Industrial touches are also popular in more masculine rooms and more natural elements might appear with rustic accessories or collections of a more masculine nature such as cigar humidors, war memorabilia or even fun items like juke boxes or pool tables.

Process of Elimination
Neither side of the spectrum will want to hear this, but the only way to neutralize a space for balance is to avoid any of the clichés between masculine and feminine design elements. You can then balance between the two for major design elements. If you have a more feminine sofa avoid overly ornate coffee tables and side tables. Look for angular simple items instead. Likewise if your sofa is more feminine you could add leather club chairs to balance the feminine elements of the sofa’s design. Then opt for a neutral color for walls in earth tones or whites and creams.

Compromise with Accessories
Accessories are the final touches to add personality to the room. Try to find items you both appreciate or opt for items that have meaning for you. Look for black and white images of your favorite city or use black and white shots from a trip you enjoyed together and frame them in sharp black frames.

Good relationships are about balance and compromise. Good design is about harmony and cohesion.

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