How The Florida Lemon Law Can Help You

Florida, like every state, has their own lemon law statute, should you be the unfortunate purchaser or lessee of an automobile that has serious defects, you can seek recourse under the Florida Lemon Law. For those that have serious complaints the law provides for arbitration which can result in a full refund of the original purchase price or a new vehicle of substantially the same specification.

The rules that govern eligibility:

Florida Lemon Law has a rights period of 24 months from the date your new car was delivered. For the vehicle to be considered a lemon certain things must have occurred during that 24 month period.

* The defect, whatever it is, must substantially impair the use of the vehicle, the safety or the value
* You must have given the manufacturer three tries at fixing the defect, and
* The vehicle has to have been out of service for 15 days minimum while repairing the defect

If your vehicle meets these conditions you must mail a notice of the defect directly to the manufacturer, the dealer is not involved at this stage. Upon receipt of this notification the manufacturer has one further chance to fix the problem. If, ten days the manufacturer has not made an effort to undertake the final repair, you can now seek arbitration.

As there really is no way to predetermine if a new automobile will eventually turn out to be a lemon, it is always a good idea to keep accurate records of the service history and copies of any and all correspondence between you and the dealer.

Do you need a lemon law attorney?

Although the process appears straight forward, this does not necessarily mean that it will not become complicated. An attorney well versed in the Florida Lemon Law can ensure that you have whatever it is you need to lodge a successful claim.

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