How Does A Company Install A New Garage Door In Newton, MA

by | Oct 14, 2013 | Business

Making the decision to replace a garage door may be something you will have to do soon. There could be many reasons why this needs done, from cosmetic reasons to mechanical reasons such as it will not open correctly. A garage door covers the garage opening with normally more than one panel that is hinged and moves along tracks navigated by rollers. These doors are heavy and must be stabilized by something like springs. To see the different types of garage door systems that are available you will need to contact a company that sells, installs, and services Garage Door in Newton, MA.

You can contact this type of company to have them come out to your location to measure and give you an estimate for equipment and installation of the type of door you have chosen. Once the date of installation has arrived, technicians from a company similar to Collins Overhead Door, Inc, Visit Website, will arrive at your home equipped and ready to complete your job. Once the old door have been removed from your garage, these highly trained technicians will begin installing the hardware for your new door which will include the brackets, rollers and tracks that will help the garage door roll smoothly.

As your installation is being done, to make it go smoother, installers will slide the panels of the door in when each part of the bracket and rollers are installed. These are done a section at a time, putting in the bracket, attaching one of the roller on one side, snapping in place, then sliding the other roller in and adhering it to the panel. Once all of the panels have been installed, the top bracket installation will be finished. This part of the bracket will hold the garage door when it is in the open position. When this has been finished they will attach cables that will assist in the movement of the door. This can be a manual cable or an electronic garage door opener unit can be installed.


No matter which type of garage door you decide to have installed, a company that does garage door in Newton, MA should offer you a warranty for at least one year on the installation. The company you hire to do the work should have highly trained technicians that can assist you in all the steps from sales, installation and service for many years to come.

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