Good Ethical Standards in the Residential Window Cleaning Industry

Residential window cleaning is a line of work that has a lot to offer to anyone who is interested in opening a business. Learning how to thoroughly clean windows so they sparkle clear as crystal is not a difficult process and you are sure to be in great demand, as many homeowners out there do not have time to wash their own windows as often as they would like. However, before you open a window cleaning business, it is highly important that you learn some good ethical standards to apply to your dealings with every aspect of your industry. Doing this is a surer way to success and will lead to you being highly respected and sought after by customers. Here are some of the standards you should strive to maintain:


It is truly said that honesty is the best policy and this also applies in the residential window cleaning industry. Do not promise a customer more than you can give. Never give a promise and then back out of it. If a customer asks what type of cleaning you offer, give them accurate information and don’t be afraid to speak the truth if they want you to perform a service that you do not offer. Customers will want to know things like how long it will take to wash the windows, whether you can clean the window frames and screens and what type of products you use, among other questions. An honest company is highly respected, because clients know you can be trusted.

Respect For Each Client

When you have a window washing company, one of the most important things you can do is to treat your clients properly. A window washing business that does not know how to treat its customers properly will fail, sooner or later. In a window washing business, you will need to go into your clients’ homes. Treat your clients, their families their homes and possessions with respect and if you happen to make any messes, clean them up. When you are washing windows, treat them as if they were your own. Wash them thoroughly and use high-quality cleaning tools and solutions. Never use anything that could scratch windows and take special precautions for tinted or stained glass windows. It is also a good idea to clean the screens, as well as wiping up the frames and sills.

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