Get a Brand New Fireplace Insert to Heat Your Home

It can be expensive to heat your home in the winter if you are relying on your central heat and air. In fact you could be using a fireplace insert to reduce your heating costs while still providing a warm home for you and your family. Besides the savings you can enjoy, a fireplace is beautiful and easily becomes a place where family members gather to enjoy one another’s company. It gives your home a sense of comfort and warmth. You can start shopping around for a fireplace insert in Chicago at leading outdoor furniture showrooms. They tend to carry name brand fireplace insert at affordable prices that can be placed inside or outside of your home.

Fireplace Inserts Are Designed to Increase Energy Efficiency

You may be wondering just what exactly a fireplace insert is. Well, basically it is a fireproof box surrounded by cast iron or steel that has insulated glass in the front. It is essentially a closed combustion system. The cast iron or steel helps to trap heat, and some fireplace inserts have blowers that push hot air back into the area through vents. When they are properly installed, a fireplace insert can be more efficient than a zone heater or traditional fireplace per the Wood Heat Organization. An insert can be fueled by gas, electric, pellets, wood, coal, or propane.

Push a Button and Start a Fire in Your Fireplace Insert

You can save time and money when you have a fireplace insert installed in your home. When you consider that starting a fire takes a lot of effort in gathering materials then trying to start the fire, a fireplace insert sounds more convenient and tempting. A gas or electric insert allows you to start a fire with the simple push of a button. No muss, no fuss, or smoke in your eyes or ashes on your floor. Some models even provide a remote control so you can start heating your home from the convenience of your sofa.

Purchase a Fireplace Insert from the Experts

When you purchase a fireplace insert from the professionals they can also provide installation services for you. This includes any conversions that you may need. You can rely on expert fireplace service technicians to provide high quality workmanship when it comes to the fitting of your fireplace. Speak with them about any other fireplace work you may want done such as refacing surrounds, hearths, and mantels in marble or granite.

Northwest Metalcraft offers a fine line of fireplaces including the perfect choice for a fireplace insert for Chicago home owners. Contact them today to learn more about their products and services.

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