Garage Door Openers in Marysville, WA Come with Myriad Options

When making a selection among garage door openers in Marysville, WA, you need to seek certain qualities. The following attributes should be noted when choosing a garage door opener from a retail site on the web.

Low Noise

A remote garage door opener should be designed for people who are sensitive to sound. So, if you are distracted by noise, select a direct-driven or belt-driven garage that you can operate with your opener or remote.

A Touchpad Entry

Some models feature a touchpad entry as a standard feature. In some instances, the amenity is highlighted as an add-on for some models.

Battery Backup or Manual Release

Make sure your garage door opener is designed for use during a power outage as well. Usually, models with a battery back-up are high-end openers and can therefore be expensive. At the minimum, garage door openers should feature a manual release that enables the user to open or close the door by hand if a power outage takes place.

Overhead Lighting

When looking at garage doors, review the illumination too. Lights are usually standard on all garage door openers. Therefore, seek lighting that can be controlled independently of a door’s closing or opening. Some openers are equipped with a motion sensor that activates a garage’s lighting.

The Motor

You also need to consider the power of the motor. After all, garage doors are designed in a range of materials and sizes. While some doors are lightweight and are made of aluminum, other garage doors are designed with insulation and solid wood. In most cases, however, a 1/2 horsepower engine is all that is required.

Some Final Points

You also need to consider the height of the garage door. Most openers can handle a door that is seven feet high without modification.

Automatic Reverse

Because an opener controls the heaviest moving object in your home, safety is critical. Since 1993, sensors have been used to prevent doors from striking people. Therefore an automatic reverse feature is a common safety amenity.

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