Frequently Asked Questions About Commercial Pool Service In Sacramento CA

If you have a commercial swimming pool at your establishment, it’s very important that the pool is well maintained throughout the year. To keep your pool sparkling clean and your clients happy, contact a professional Commercial Pool Service Sacramento CA area company to perform scheduled maintenance on the pool. Below you’ll find the answers to common questions about commercial pool maintenance.

Q.) How often does a pool service perform swimming pool maintenance?

A.) The frequency that a pool service company performs maintenance on a pool is based on the requirements of the facility. Before the maintenance schedule begins, a pool company representative will speak with the facility manager to determine the frequency of visits that’s needed. The pool company can perform maintenance once every week, twice a week or once a month. A maintenance schedule depends on the needs of each customer.

Q.) What types of maintenance service does a pool company provide for commercial pools?

A.) A pool company provides various types of maintenance on a commercial pool which includes brushing the pool finish, removing the leaves and debris from the pool and vacuuming the pool. The maintenance crew will also test the chlorine and acid levels of the pool and add more chemicals if necessary. If the addition of extra chemicals is required or if the pool needs repairs, the maintenance crew will notify the manager of the facility. The maintenance crew keeps a detailed log of every maintenance visit.

Q.) How much does it cost to schedule maintenance service for a commercial swimming pool?

A.) The price of pool maintenance depends on the frequency of service and the size of the swimming pool. If there is more than one pool that gets scheduled maintenance, this is added into the total cost. If the pool requires an extensive amount of maintenance, this will also factor into the price that a commercial pool service in Sacramento CA area company charges for their services.

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