Flat Roof Trends and their Benefits

by | Dec 21, 2012 | Roofing

There are different types of flat roofs that have become popular in Portland and generally in Oregon. They may be made of single ply, foam or rubber and bitumen. Some flat roofs are overlaid just like ordinary pitched roof with slate, asphalt roofing or even transparent materials. The best contractors can install any of the flat roof Portland styles.

The purpose of the flat roof Portland is what determines the materials used and reinforcement style adapted. If the roof will be used as a platform for other items and people, then it must be sturdy. In such a case it should be laid on steel structure or reinforced concrete. The purpose of the flat roof will therefore be provision of drainage and keeping the entire roof surface water proof.

If little or no weight will be borne by the flat roof, then regular roofing materials can be used. The aesthetic role of the roofing for a house or building must always be looked out for. The best look possible should be settled on as that is a permanent decision that will characterize the house for some time to come.

Flat roofs may be used in combination with pitched roofs for the desired visual effect and functional reasons. All flat roof Portland installations have a slight pitch that is not discernable to the naked eye. This allows the flat roof to drain, something that is skillfully designed and tested by the installer. When rain water pools on a roof top for some time, it may lead to extensive damage and eventual need for re-doing.

Among other reasons, the above techniques used by the roofer enables him to give a warranty for the work done. Superior work on a roof improves its ability to be insured and also to insure the property within the house from storm damage. Renovating a house by waterproofing the roof and adding gutters may greatly increase the property value. A sturdy fat roof is a winning point with individuals looking to purchase a house.

Flat roofs may later be used as the foundation of an attic which would add storage or living space. Commercial buildings use the flat roof for guests to have a nice view of surroundings. Restaurants and small business offices are an example. Flat roofs used in this way should be surrounded by railing or any other type of ledge barrier.

Installing rubber on the roof is the highest quality but cost implications cause self-adhesive bitumen and PVC to be used most often. Flat roofs require specialized roofers as they rely heavily on workmanship. Protrusions like chimneys should be catered for while being completely water proofed with no leaks. It is a green way of roofing since potted plants can be easily grown on the roof.

Flat roofs are made to look very presentable and give more space and function to a home. To get to know more about styles and contractors of flat roof, visit Superior Roofing in Portland.

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