Fantastic World of Vapor Cigarettes Flavors

People want to stop smoking due to a variety of reasons:

  • possibly due to health issues
  • working in non-smoking areas
  • non-access to smoking areas
  • cost of raw cigarettes is beyond budget

Vapor cigarettes offer an alternative to regular tobacco cigarette and they are available in quite a number of enjoyable vapor cigarettes flavors. E-juice is also sometimes offered with different nicotine percentages for those who are trying to quit.

You have ready access to a wide variety of nicotine juices to spoil you for choice. Vapor cigarettes are available in tastes that are familiar to the user as they reflect food in everyday life. Notable among the choices available, are the following:

Cereals and Beverages

These flavors embody some of our favorite breakfast items like every day cereals or a drink (either hot or cold) that we would have at home like Cinnamon Toast Crunch or rum.

Dessert and Fruit

It is a habit with most people to have something sweet in the form of a dessert after a meal, especially dinner. This is normally in the form of an ice-cream or fruit. Well! Vapor cigarettes flavors also come in flavors such as cherry or custard.

Candy and Spices

For some consumers of e-cigarettes, the familiar candy like butterscotch or kitchen spice flavors like vanilla bean are what is sought after. With vapor cigarettes the number of flavors available can leave one confused with choices.


There is also a “tobacco” variant for the traditional taste buds that are used to the natural taste in raw cigarettes.


You can also sample these exotic vapor cigarettes flavors – which loosely translated means “emission of light” and immediately catches our imagination. With reminders of tropical destinations; the sand, the sea and a variety of beautiful flora.

Whatever may be the reason for your use of vapor cigarettes, Mount Baker Vapor has the flavor you are craving. Check out their website and take a trip through their large assortment of flavors and great products.

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