Express Yourself with Beautiful Karambit Skins

If you’re a fan of the karambit, you’re probably familiar with the variety of karambit skins available from the leading providers of quality knives, swords, knife sets, and other blades. Not only do you show your taste and style with the unique shape of the knife, you can further express yourself with the right choice of “skin” for your blade.

Curved Like a Claw

As you probably know, the curve and tapered width of the knife is closely associated with Southeast Asia. This resulted in some of the earlier knives of this type being referred to as claws. In fact, a quick search for background on the word “karambit” associates the word with Sumatra and the claws of the tigers in that area

Some of those knives were as prized for their use as farming tools and utility blades as for defense and fighting. In the centuries since the people of that region made knives with handles and hilts of wood, ivory, and horn from a water buffalo, the karambit skins have added a whole new wrinkle to this knife design.

Color, Design

Most early blades had the expected appearance of steel – gray and silver, but now you can visit our website and choose from an array of colors and designs. Start with blue and red, then move to rainbow, tiger-stripes, or the blue and red that suggest fire and ice. Some people prefer the more traditional black blade, with a brightly colored handle to offset the consistency of the black surface.

Choose your favorite karambit skins from among the dozens of options, and combine colors with your choice of classic or partially serrated blade. When you buy a quality karambit, you not only have a quality, practical knife with a comfortable grip and finger ring, you also have a way to express yourself in a unique way.

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