Enjoy the Summer With Help From Mosquito Control Services in Arlington, VA

The mosquito is a tiny flying insect known for feeding on human and animal blood. Their bite leaves an itchy red bump that may last for one to several days. Although one or two bites may be annoying, swarms of mosquitoes can create much discomfort and irritation. Spending time outdoors is not enjoyable when the mosquito population is too high. Mosquito Control Services in Arlington VA can help drop the infestation so that you can enjoy your yard again.

Mosquitoes do have their role in the cycle of life. Males lead a simple life feeding on nectar. The females need blood to produce their eggs. Eggs are laid on the surface of any standing water. Eggs may also be left on damp soil. Depending on the temperature, an egg can hatch in one to three days. Eggs left on soil can actually last through the winter and bring a new set of mosquitoes in the spring. Fish and birds feed on mosquito eggs. Any remaining eggs will hatch into larvae, which feed on microorganisms and bacteria in the water. After about a week, the larvae will become pupae. Birds and fish will also eat pupae. The pupae will form a cocoon and hatch into an adult mosquito.

Although the bite serves to continue the mosquito life cycle, it also can spread disease. Zika, malaria, dengue, and West Nile virus are all spread through mosquitoes. Most of these diseases are not a serious problem in the United States. However, if infected people were bitten by local mosquitoes, the diseases could become epidemics. West Nile virus is a problem in the United States. The virus is really a bird disease, but humans can be infected from a mosquito bite. Most people recover quickly, but the virus can be fatal for the elderly. Mosquito Control Services in Arlington VA can help protect your family from these disease-carrying insects. Browse website to know more.

Mosquito infestations can be avoided by limiting standing water around a property. Using repellent may help prevent bites. The smell of lemon grass may also deter mosquitoes. If an infestation is making it so you cannot enjoy your yard, consider hiring Pest Management Services in Arlington VA.

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