Eliminate Your Debt With the Help of a Knoxville Credit and Debt Lawyer

by | Oct 15, 2013 | Lawyers

You’ve made the decision that the debt must go, and as quickly as possible. There is simply nothing more you can do to manage what you currently owe. Even if you were capable of making the minimum monthly payments, it’s still going to take years for you to pay everything off. Knowing this is enough to make you want to talk to a Knoxville credit and debt lawyer to get everything you owe gone for good.

Reaching this decision wasn’t something that happened overnight. As your debt piled up, you struggled with the payments, wondering if you were ever going to get to the bottom of everything. Then, something happened that severely affected your ability to keep up with all but the most important of payments. Some bills went without payment while others got paid so you could maintain the necessities of life. After a while, you made the decision to focus on only those bills that were essential to your quality of life and let the rest go unpaid. Now the creditors are merciless with their phone contact and the threats to take you to court are mounting. It’s at this point that you need to talk to a Knoxville credit and debt lawyer about your options.

Bankruptcy is the most efficient way to stop creditors for good. It gets rid of debt in one move and allows you to restart your credit profile. The sooner you file, the sooner you find your way out of the situation that you are in, and can regain control of your life. No more pinching pennies just to pay an essential bill; all of the money you make goes into your pocket, and yours only. The idea behind bankruptcy is to stop you from having to struggle simply to survive. Everything begins to change the moment the petition is filed with the court. The relief from creditors is swift as the automatic stay stops all forms of contact once notification has been made. Provided the court agrees with your need to be alleviated from your debt, that automatic stay becomes permanent. You are free to move forward and rebuild your credit along with your life.

For a Knoxville credit and debt lawyer specialist, call on The Law Office of Brent S. Snyder. This law office offers several different consumer debt services.

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