Effective Teeth Whitening Solutions

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More and more people today are exploring options to get a bright white smile in the privacy of their own home. Eliminating stains that appear on your teeth will make you more attractive. The best way to have white teeth at home is to first seek the advice of your dentist in Wayne NJ. They can lead you in the right direction that can help you get the smile you want.
Types of Teeth Whitening Treatments
Many options offer paint on bleach that can be applied directly on to your teeth. It is a concept that is similar to the application of nail polish on your nails. You simply use a brush to target the unwanted yellowing or stains. You leave it on approximately five minutes then you rinse. It is that simple.

A natural home remedy would be to mix lemon juice and salt. This can help whiten your teeth when you are at home. The salt acts as a scrubbing agent that will remove the plaque building on your teeth and the acidic qualities of the lemon will form a bleaching action. You mix these two together to form a paste and apply it directly onto your teeth. Apply the same way you do your tooth paste.

Another way is to use hydrogen peroxide as an oral rinse. Hydrogen peroxide is more affordable and it will not cause the sensitivity that some whitening strips can cause. You can normally see results within 30 days of consistent use as it works daily to deeply bleach your teeth.
Regular Dentist Visits Keep Teeth White

As people age their teeth will naturally yellow so preventative care methods are important to incorporate. Your dentist in Wayne NJ can help you. Set up regular dental cleanings and establish regular brushing habits. It is also important that you minimize your intake of soda, coffee, and tea. Avoid excessively sticky foods. Doing this will prolong your natural white color in your teeth.

It is recommended that you have your teeth cleaned yearly. Avoid the purchase of harsh chemicals that can damage your teeth as you use them. One of the main causes of teeth discoloration is bad eating and drinking habits. If you are determined to eat or drink certain foods and beverages, then you need to establish a habit of brushing immediately after consumption.

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