Eco-Friendly Methods Suggested by Your Pest Control San Fernando Valley Professionals

by | Feb 11, 2013 | Pest Control

Being eco-friendly is a definite trend that is taking hold in recent years. The pest control industry is no exception. In fact, many pest control San Fernando Valley companies either offer or have completely switched to all-natural methods. Here are some common eco-friendly solutions to getting rid of pests and keeping them out of your yard.

This herb that generally makes cats go bonkers is one of the best ways to deter cockroaches from coming into your home. The best thing about using catnip to repel cockroaches is that it’s non-toxic to pets and humans. You can place it around your home or even turn it into a spray to reach those nooks and crannies around your kitchen. You may need to be careful how much you use it though if you have a cat.

Cucumber Peels
Do you have a problem with ants infesting your home? If so, try placing fresh cucumber peels around the areas where they are getting in. Ants hate cucumbers and they won’t cross over it to get into a house. Mint is another remedy for deterring ants. Place bags of mint tea around your home and in the areas where ants are most concentrated. Add some cloves to the tea bag and you won’t have to worry about ants again.

Citrus Oil
Did you recently notice that your dog brought in fleas from outside? If so, don’t use those harmful sprays or flea collars as a solution. Your pest control San Fernando Valley experts suggest using citrus oil to get rid of those fleas. First, boil some water. Next, slice up a lemon and put the pieces in a bowl. Score the lemon peel to allow for more citrus to be released. Then pour a cup of the boiling water into the bowl. Allow the lemon to soak overnight and then generously sponge it on your dog. This will kill the fleas instantly.

Sage and Rosemary
Pesky mosquitoes can ruin any outdoors celebration or event. But if you are doing a cookout, you can deter them from coming around. Simply put some sage and rosemary in the cooking coals. The aroma will work to discourage mosquitoes from bothering anybody within smelling distance of the grill.

Flowers can do more than simply make your yard and home look nice. If you plant marigolds around your home, you can deter pests. Marigolds are a natural bug repellent because of their fragrance. Several types of insects will stay away rather than pass through the odor zone of a marigold.


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