Each Rohana Wheel Means Quality and Excellence

If you would like to have brand new wheels for your car, you have many different brands and sizes in which to choose. Some are custom, very large, and offer some unique features. However, there are many reasons to make a Rohana wheel purchase, because these wheels are considered special by many people.

Made for Luxury Cars

You work hard for your money and it shows in the car you drive. It would be a terrible shame to take a high performance, beautiful, automobile and put anything less than the best wheels on it. These cars come out with impressive wheels, but Rohana Wheels give you so much more. They are sure to impress even the most discriminating of auto enthusiasts.


Rohana Wheel manufacturing is nothing new. In fact, they have been making aftermarket wheels for 15 years now. However, this is not the entire story when it comes to experience. Rohana Wheels are continuing to develop new designs and models to keep up with the ever changing demand of auto owners today.


Each Rohana Wheel is known for its exceptional quality. The company settles for nothing but the best. Special engineering allows them to make a one piece cast alloy wheel in a monoblock design. Their RC wheels offer better performance than gravity cast wheels because they are made with a low pressure cast process.

Meeting and Surpassing VIA and JWL Standards

Every Rohana wheel either meets or exceeds VIA and JWL standards for original equipment manufactured wheels. The VIA is the Vehicle Inspection Association of Japan and they test wheels to meet the JWL or Japan Light Alloy Wheel standard. If a wheel has both VIA and JWL marks you know it has been held to the highest standards of quality.

Buying cheap aftermarket wheels can result in a number of problems and some of them can be serious. You may find wheels that look like Rohana wheels and they may be forged, but if they are much cheaper, chances are they have not been properly tested and do not have the materials or construction to be safe for your car.

Rohana Wheel Guarantee

When you buy Rohana wheels you receive a lifetime warranty on the structure. This covers any kind of defect resulting from the manufacturing process. After inspection, the manufacturer will replace the wheel free of charge, less transportation fees. In addition, you will receive a full one year warranty on the finish.

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