Don’t Just Vent Your Frustrations – Call a Cleaning Pro!

Keeping the air inside your home clean is important. More than one in twelve people have asthma or related breathing conditions, and this makes indoor air quality a higher priority than ever. For this reason, the average cost of air maintenance continues to climb for American families along with healthcare costs and morbidity rates from nasal and lung conditions.

One often-overlooked aspect of maintaining air quality in the home or office is vent cleaning. Over time, dust, mold and other allergens can accumulate and proliferate on the surfaces of ventilation systems, causing health issues and increased energy costs for property owners. This problem can be solved with regular maintenance of these systems.

Why Clean Your Vents

Cleaning the air ventilation system in your home can reap many benefits. Not only can air quality be improved, but conditions aggravated by polluted air can see marked improvement in symptoms and frequency of outbreaks. Energy efficiency can also see improvement, as can the temperature control of rooms to be heated and cooled.

When dealing with a ventilation system that is soiled enough to cause a problem for homeowners, it is always best to consult an industry professional.

When to Call a Pro

Americans love to do things themselves around the house, and cleaning your ducts, vents and household systems is one of those aspect of household upkeep many will attempt on their own each year. However, there are some situations which should not be tackled by anyone other than a professional. Some of these include:

  • Growth of mold in and around the ventilation system.
  • Infestations of insects or other parasites in the ventilation site.
  • Severely clogged ducts, vents and tubing in the home.

Vent cleaning performed by a professional is typically guaranteed in results and lasting improvement to air quality for up to several years, so for those suffering from breathing conditions, allergies and other health concerns, this is an investment more than worth making.

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