Difference Between a Specialty Pediatric Dentist and a General Dentist at Family Dental Clinic Edmonton

by | Apr 1, 2014 | Dentistry

Family dentists that are employed by dental clinics are often confused with pediatric dentists. While both dentists may perform dental work on children and infants, there is a distinct difference between a family dentist and a pediatric dentist.

The Type of Patients That are Seen by a Family Dentist and Pediatric Dentist

One of the biggest differences between a family dentist and pediatric dentist is the type of patients that can be seen by these individuals. A family dentist has the training and education to see patients that vary in ages from 2 years old to 100 years old.

On the other hand, a pediatric dentist will only see patients that are between the ages of six months and 12 years old. After a patient reaches the age of 12, he or she is often referred to a dentist at a  Family Dental clinic Edmonton.

The Training and Education Received by a Family Dentist and Pediatric Dentist

All pediatric dentists have received the proper training and education to become family dentists. Unfortunately, not all family dentists have the training and education needed to be a pediatric dentist.

An individual who wishes to become a pediatric dentist must attend an additional two to three years of specialty training/schooling. This training and schooling typically occurs after an individual has graduated from an accredited dental program.

The Type of Services Offered to Patients

The types of services that are offered to patients are typically the same -; whether visiting a pediatric dentist or a family dentist at a  Family Dental clinic Edmonton. Each of these dentists focuses on educating the patient on how to properly brush their teeth, how to prevent tooth decay, and the importance of regular check-ups.

Other services that are often offered by these dentists include teeth cleaning, fillings, and spacers. All of which are typically considered general dental services and can be needed by patients of all ages.

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