Dental Implants: Understand the Benefits

Dental implants literary changed the face of classical dentistry over the last decades.  What are dental implants? Why and when would someone need dental implants, and what are the advantages and risks of this procedure?

A Brief Explanation about Dental Implants

Despite all the improvements in dental care, many people still suffer tooth loss due to tooth decay or injury. For many years, people with missing teeth could only use such treatment options as bridges and dentures, but then dental implants appeared and everything radically changed. To put is simply, dental implants are the replacements of tooth roots that provide a strong foundation for fixed, permanent and removable replacements that are made to perfectly match your natural teeth. Just like natural tooth roots, implants are fastened in the jawbone and aren’t noticeable after they are placed. In general, dental implants are meant to replace a single tooth, several teeth or all of them.  Moreover, almost anyone who is healthy enough for oral surgery can get dental implants. A patient should have healthy gums and enough bone to hold a dental implant. Success rates of implants may vary, but usually the success rate of dental implants is up to 98%! So if you had a tooth loss problem maybe it’s about time to get dental implants in Lexington, SC.

The Benefits of Dental Implants Include the Following:

*  They improve the appearance of your teeth and smile in general. Moreover, they feel like your own teeth and are designed to fuse with bone. This means that eventually they become permanent.
*  Improve speech and comfort.
*  Eating becomes easier.
*  Dental implants are really convenient and eliminate the embarrassing moments of removing dentures.
Dental implants are very durable and usually last many years.
*  Individual dental implants improve oral hygiene, allow easy access between teeth and as a rule, don’t require reducing natural teeth etc.

When and Why Would Someone Need Dental Implants?

When you need a tooth replacement you have three main options and dental implants are the most effective among them. Others include fixed dental bridges and removable dental appliance which are not so effective. Because dental implants are integrated into the bone structure, they feel and look like natural and don’t cause any discomfort, embarrassment or inconvenience. It is very simple to get dental implants just make an appointment with your local dentists to improve your smile and oral health!

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