Crate Master Offers Crating in Dallas To Facilitate Your Move

by | Jan 24, 2014 | Moving and Relocating

Moving can be an exciting time, but also one that may give you a major headache. Even if you have just a few fragile mementos to move from one office to another with all of your report binders and other heavy objects, it seems that it’s inevitable that they’ll be stacked at the bottom of a heavy pile for the move. If you’re moving sensitive equipment, the stakes are even higher. For these and many other reasons, consider using wooden crates rather than cardboard boxes for your move. Crate Master can handle your requirements for Crating in Dallas, no matter how large, small, sensitive or valuable the objects are.

The benefits of using wood crates over cardboard packing boxes are numerous. The most obvious benefits are the strength of the crates and the forces they can withstand when other crates or objects are stacked on them. A wood crate can handle much heavier weights, especially if it has become wet. Cardboard boxes eventually fall apart, while the wood crates continue to hold the load. Even more importantly, wood crates can better withstand the heavy weight of other boxes stacked on them. Wood crates are environmentally friendly since they’re constructed of wood rather than the paste board used in typical packing boxes. A wood crate can be employed for other uses after the move is completed, such as a flower planter or a decorative storage box.

A wood crate can be used to move a wide variety of objects. Crates can safely transport important and valuable art objects as well as manufacturing equipment. Sculptures, antiques and paintings travel safely in wood crates, as do machine tools for industrial applications and manufacturing equipment. Wood crates can be used to move some interesting objects too, such as live animals, robots and automobiles. There’s almost no object that wouldn’t benefit from making a move in a wood crate.

Crate Master of Dallas designs and builds crates to your specifications as well as packing it for you. The packing materials used for sensitive equipment or items is just as important as the crate itself. In many cases, the crating and packing must meet government criteria, such as that of the Department of Defense or the military. The company is well-versed in crating requirements for special objects. When you need Crating in Dallas for a move, consider using Crate Master. You can visit their website to get more information.

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