Considerations For Buying GE Ultrasound Machines

There are several manufacturers of medical imaging and cardiovascular equipment that are considered reliable, durable and high-tech pieces of equipment in a reasonable price range. The complete line of GE ultrasound machines fit into this category, and they are a top selling item both as new as well as refurbished machines.

Knowing what you want and what is an absolute requirement in any new or refurbished ultrasound system is important. Start by considering what has to be included in the system and what features are not necessary, but would be helpful or used on a regular or infrequent basis.

Make sure that any machines you are considering meet all of the must have requirements on the list. Once this has been established and confirmed, the next step is to move to the added features that would benefit the facility and compare options. Today, more than in the past, turning to refurbished equipment is the go-to option for both major hospitals as well as smaller healthcare facilities.

Portability or Mobility

There are several options in both mobile as well as compact, portable GE ultrasound machines. The smaller portable systems are designed for easy use and transport in all types of patient treatment areas, and they are lightweight, often just over ten pounds.

Offering a range of features including fast boot-up, significant storage in the system, wireless connectivity and all the features of the larger systems they are a good option as a backup system or a primary ultrasound.

Mobile options that are permanently mounted to carts provide a more comprehensive system that can be easily moved within a facility. These come with different options, designs and sizes to accommodate any patient are or treatment room.


The various GE ultrasound machines will have a range of different functions and features. The new designs and models will use the Vivid system, which provides exceptional resolution, full volume color information, automated function imaging and very 4D image acquisition on specific models.

These systems offer easy and intuitive controls through function or mode buttons, a trackball feature, as well as all necessary adjustments and controls intuitively placed on the console. Literally allowing a technician to operate the system as a standalone device or connected to the network for remote viewing, these systems offer all the latest in technology.

Selecting a refurbished GE ultrasound system provides your facility with the quality equipment needed at a much lower cost than new. These systems have a full one-year warranty and offer an opportunity to upgrade the systems while staying within the budget.

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