Complete Water Softening Services in Easton

by | Aug 13, 2013 | Plumbing

If your home’s water comes from a well and not from the city water supply, then you know what it means to have hard water. However, it isn’t just homes using well water who have hard water. You can be on city water and still have hard water. That is because some cities only chlorinate their water but don’t always do much to soften the water. Many people who have city water service in their home also have a Water Softening Easton system.

Hard water can allow scale and iron deposits to gather inside your faucets and all the water pipes in the house. It can make an iron-colored stain inside your sinks, bathtubs, shower floors, and toilets. Hard water may not necessarily be harmful to drink, but it has a particular iron taste to it. Laundry doesn’t come out as white as it should, even if you’re using extra laundry soap. After taking a shower in hard water, you may feel like you can’t quite rinse off soap and shampoo, even if you use extra soap and shampoo. Having a Water Softening Easton system in the home makes water taste better, laundry cleaner, showers better, and may make your plumbing system last longer.

S. Agentis Plumbing can offer their customers a Water Softening Easton solution. Not all plumbing services are able to do a water analysis, but they do. The water analysis will tell you how much iron you actually have in your water, along with nitrates and other substances. Instead of having to call a water testing company, one call to your plumber takes care of everything.

After your water testing, they can help you decide which Water Softening Easton system would be best for your home depending on your water usage and your budget. They will also be there for any troubleshooting tips plus maintenance and repairs. They’ll teach you how the system works, like how to tell how much salt is in the system, how to tell when you’re running low on salt, which kind of salt to buy, and how to add salt to your system.

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